A Dairy Farmer in Fukushima Commits Suicide

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Jun 14, 2011 20:08 news
I'm going to translate a news story on Yomiuri Online.

It is reported on Monday that a dairy farmer in his fifties, who lived in Soma city, Fukushima, committed suicide after slaughtering his cows and going out of buisiness. He left a message that says "if only there is no nuclear power plants."


The reporter says that the farmer was found on Saturday, June 11th, hanging himself in a barn. He chalked on the wall of the barn, "I have lost my energy to work," "surviving farmers, don't be defeated by the nuclear plant."


In his area, farmers were prohibited to ship raw milk after the radiation leak of Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant. The man milked cows and threw the milk away. By the beginning of this month, he had slaughtered about 30 cows. He continued his father's business and ran the farm with his family. His elder sister said, "Thinking about his children, I don't want to talk about his death, but I'd like to take a legal action against the nuclear plant."


His friend who is also a farmer said, "he repeatedly said that there would be no compensation because here is not the evacuation area." Another farmer said, "every time I talked to him, he was worried that he lost everything because of the nuclear plant."


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Whaa! (TロT) This is so sad!!!!
Poor farmer....and the cows....
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