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Jun 10, 2011 16:28 internet
I found an interesting website. I'd like to share it with you.

Worldmapper is a collection of worldmaps, where territories are re-sized according to the subject or interest.

The subject of the map I posted above is total population.
Look at these huge, fat China and India!
America is a little smaller, and Europe is a little bigger, but they are not as distorted as this fat India or tiny little Australia. lol
Canada and Russia are like skinny strings.
Japan and South Korea are swelled up too. Oh wait, why isn't Japan green like other East Asian countries? Did the person who made this think it as a European country or something? lol
The fact that Nigeria is quite big scares me a little.

Here is a map about Income:

Here is a map about Internet users:

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The sad thing about this website, however, is that most statistics are old like 2002. : (

The good thing about THIS ENTRY is that it's my 50th entry on lang-8! : D