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Jun 7, 2011 14:44 drawing lang-8
I reread my entries and found out that I forgot to give thanks points to some of you.
If you suddenly got thanks points on really old entries, that's because I gave points today : P

I thank all the people who took their precious time to correct my journal.

Sometimes I want to give thanks points to some comments that are very informative. Does anyone agree with me?

I looked around how lang-8 users use thanks points. It was very interesting.
There are mainly 4 types of people; people who give 5 thanks points to everyone, people who give 1 thanks point to everyone, people who don't give thanks points to anyone, and the other, which is rather rare.

I come under "the other." I always enjoy being rare, haha.
My thanks points are based on the number of the corrections, how much I learn new things, and my feelings of the day lol

I'm in a pretty good mood today, so I drew a picture for this entry. This girl is a 巫女(miko). Miko is a woman who serves at Shinto shrines.(You might want to google it!)
She is my original character I made long time ago. I did nothing but reading manga or drawing manga or watching anime back then. I don't regret it! Drawing is still one of my hobbies.
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