Japanese interjections and colloquial expressions 日本語の感嘆詞と口語表現

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May 28, 2011 21:18 日本語
Today I'm going to write some interjections and colloquial expressions that we use in daily conversation or email or chat. Let's begin!

(あいうえお順です。In the aiueo order.)

あぁ = Ah

あの... = Well...

いや、= A way to say "no," and "well," at the same time.


いいなぁ〜 = I'm jealous

うえっ = Ew

うん = Yeah

ううん = Nope

うーん = Hmm

うーんと= A hybrid of "うーん(hmm)" and "えっと(well,)."

うわぁ = Wow

えっ?= What? (A way to ask something back.)

ええ〜?= Very surprised, or implying that the speaker doesn't agree with something


えーん= Whaa o(iДi)o

えっと... = Well...

おお = Very impressed

おい= "Hey" in a masculine way, and the speaker is serious.


おーい= A way to call someone far away.

げっ = Yuck, or implying that something bad happend

しーっ!= Shh!

そっか = "I see" in a casual way

そう? = An expression to ask something that is just said. The speaker doesn't agree.


そうなんだ〜 = "I see" in a way to show the speaker is interested.


ちっ! =A little less childish way of saying "ちぇっ”

ねえ = A way to show that the speaker wants to say something. If repeated, the speaker is more eager.


はぁ? = Huh?

はぁ... = Sigh

はぁはぁ = Excited in a creepy way lol

ふぅ = Whew

へえ = Impressed, interested, or implying that the speaker learned a new thing




わっ="Wow" when the speaker is surprised, or the speaker is trying to scare somebody lol


    +。:.゚ヽ(*´∀`)ノ゚.:。+゚わーい♪やったー☆ 最後まで読んだぞー!

I hope it helps!