I'm in Boston!

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Jan 25, 2011 04:47 life
It is unbelievably cold out here. I heard today is the coldest day in four years! I'm freezing!

After a 12-hour flight and a 4-hour flight, I arrived at Boston yesterday. I learned that you may need your own inflatable pillow and your earphone if you fly for a very long time. The earphone that came with didn't fit my ear and it hurt when I used for a long time :(

There is only 1 person in my host family, my host mother, and she is nice person. She talks a lot, so hopefully my listening skill will be better ;)
I brought some souvenirs from Japan and she liked them very much. One of them is 5 Japanese yen coin. It has a hole in the center, so I put a string to it and made a key chain. We call 5 yen "Goen" in Japanese. It also means connections with others. I explained this to her and she loved the meaning.

And today, I had my first day in language school. There are Europeans, latin Americans, and Asians. I like talking with them and learning about different cultures.
I'm writing this in the computer lab, by the way.
I only have classes in the morning, so I'm gonna walk around Boston with friends from the school. Bye!