New clock and Thai food

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Nov 14, 2010 00:40 food life
This little clock looks like an average clock, but it's not. It rings extra loud. Like I wrote in the last entry, I have a hard time waking up, so I bought this clock today.
I have to wake up early tomorrow, so it's going to be its first job!

After I bought it at an electric shop in Shinjuku, I ate Thai food for dinner. I ordered what is on top of the menu. It was a meal concluding half sized green curry with rice and half sized thai noodle, and small desert. It was good:D I liked the coconut flavor in the curry and the desert!

In Tokyo, you can eat many kinds of food around the world. Japanese favorite cuisines are, I think, Italian, French, Chinese, except for Japanese. Japanese are really into foods, and I'm one of them.

In suburban areas, you can find local food, no matter where in Japan you go. Japanese likes to enjoy local food when they go on a trip. And I'm of course one of them :)