Mixi -What is it for?

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Nov 7, 2010 04:19 internet me
Mixi is a kind of net working site which is the most popular in Japan. It's like facebook in Japan. People connect to old friends, new friends, join in so-called a "Community," play games, check out news, on the Internet. But the difference between facebook and mixi is that mixi requires an invitation from someone who is already on mixi to make a new account.
*Edited: Sorry, this is not true. I found that mixi changed its system and now you don't need an invitation.

In my case, I started mixi to go to a party of my favorite radio program. I heard on the radio that the program was going to hold a picnic party in Tokyo and they are going to post the information on mixi. I thought, "I MUST have a mixi account!"
I've known a friend who had an account, so I asked him, I actually emailed to his cellphone, to invite me.

So, most of my friends on mixi were new people I met at the picnic party, until someone from high school found me. Now, I'm using mixi to communicate to old friends and new friends.

Unfortunately, the radio program ended a year ago, but people still gather sometimes to drink and talk. LIKE TODAY!

I know it sounds funny but I don't make friends online except this site. Talking with people at a party and making friends there are fun, but text-messaging sometimes bothers me. What I like about this site is that "friends" can help each other and I can improve my language skills hopefully. That's why I'm writing a journal even though I don't love typing on a computer keyboard, and though I got back home at 1:00 in the morning.

Question: What do you call a person who attend a party?
Do you have a mixi account? If not, do you want to get it?