Japanese fanta commercial

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Nov 3, 2010 18:57 internet video 日本語
I came across a funny japanese commercial video on youtube. I remember I watched this series of commercials about 7 years ago and I really really liked it. So I wanted to share with you guys.
Someone has already put English and Chinese subtitles and English notes, so I don't have to translate them, hehe.
I put what they say in Japanese for learners to catch them fully. Enjoy!
(It's originally 15 seconds long. And 9 version of it.)










I wrote enough Japanese, huh? I actually gotta study English here! lol
The phrase of "3年~組~先生!" is from a very long running TV drama titled "3年B組金八先生(The 3rd grade B class teacher Mr.Kimmpachi.)" That's why there isn't "B class" in this commercial.

And don't worry about 吐露非狩古鬱 as tropical fruits.

quote: Young gangsters sometimes do this, as a joke, using certain Kanji character which has the same sound as a certain word but has completely dirrefent meanings from that word.
In this case, the word is "トロピカルフルーツ" or "to ro pi ka ru hu ru tsu (tropical fruits)".
Kanjis used here are 吐 (to:means "vomit"), 露(ro:"dew"), 非(pi:"not or no"), 狩(karu:"hunt"), 古(huru:old) and 鬱(utsu:depression).
Students must be upset.

I quoted from some YouTuber. Perfect explanation, except for the "as a joke" part. Some gangsters do this because they think it's cool, while all the other think it's silly. It's called 夜露死苦系(Yoroshiku-kei.)See the way よろしく is written? You got it.
Why do I know they think it's cool? Because they name their own child this way!! This is Horrible!

I think I also can explain many things in this commercial, so please ask me anything if you have a question! :)
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