Pet Names in Japanese

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Dec 14, 2015 20:08
One of the things I find interesting in English is the terms of endearment. You can call your significant other honey, baby, babe, sweetheart, darling, and so on. Japanese language doesn't have those words, so I'm going to write about how we call our SO in Japan.

1. First names
Obviously. My boyfriend calls me by my first name.

2. Nicknames
The way your loved ones' friends call them, or you can create a new one if you want. Add -chan and make it even cuter. I call my boyfriend by his nickname with -chan at the end. I sometimes add -san and I love how it makes him sound more sophisticated.

3. Roles in the family
This is kind of unique and it doesn't fit in the category of pet names, but a lot of married people with kids call their husbands "papa" or "お父さん" and their wives "mama" or "お母さん" because they are the father or the mother in the family.
As you can guess, it doesn't sound very affectionate, and for that reason, my parents decided to call each other by their names even though calling your spouse "papa" and "mama" was more common back then.

...and that's it!
How sad that we don't use pet names at all!

However, if you ever make up your SO's nickname, I'm sure you can use it as often (if not more) in Japanese as in English!
When you are talking to your SO, replace every "you" with your special nickname!

"Is this yours, honey?"→ これ、nicknameちゃんの?

"You are incredible, babe!"→ nicknameちゃん、すごい!

So, be creative if you happened to have a SO who speaks Japanese. Whenever we meet a newly married couple, we'd ask them, "what do you call each other?" and you can answer and wait for the following "that's adorable."