Talking about appearance

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Sep 3, 2017 10:47
My coworker and I were talking about one of our suppliers, Ms Saito.

He said, "If I remember correctly, her first name is Akane, she graduated from Hokusei University, and is almost 30 years old." He looked proud of himself remembering all these things.

"That's a lot of information." I said bluntly.

Even though I wasn't asking anything, he continued taking. "She looks pretty, but when you look at her closer, her skin is in terrible condition."

I said, "Uh... maybe she's stressed out."

In case you weren't already imagining, I was going a few steps away from him. That definitely made me self-conscious about my skin.

When you criticize someone's appearance, you're not talking about their appearance. You are telling everyone around you that you judge people by their appearance.

I'm a visual person myself. Like him, I notice a lot about people's looks, but I'll keep in mind I don't talk like that.