Being Scared

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May 8, 2017 02:10
When I was at a comic book cafe (or manga kissa in Japanese, where you can pay hourly and enjoy manga and drinks all you want) holding two drinks and going back to my booth, a guy who was probably in his 50s looked at me up and down, turned around and started following me.

I was scared, but thought maybe his booth was near mine, and he was just going back.

When I got to the door of my booth, he talked to me, smiling, "Shall I?"

"WHAT IS IT!!!???" I freaked out. I didn't know what he was trying to do.

"Your hands are full. I always have a hard time opening the door here when I'm like that." He smiled again and opened the door for me.

In the booth, my husband was standing there worried because he heard my unusually loud voice. "Are you OK?" he asked, and I managed to say "I'm OK, sorry," but was still panicking enough to forget saying thank you to the guy who opened the door for me.

I felt embarrassed being so afraid of that guy. He was just being nice. Even if he had been trying to attack me, my husband would just be there to help me.

Being scared isn't logical. I think I became more easily scared as I got older. Hearing about sexual assaults and murders of women on a daily basis doesn't help.

I just hope next time some nice person talks to me, I'm with other people or they weren't following me for 6 meters. I'm sure I'll freak out again.