I'm going to be a voluntary interpreter! (with a video of a Japanese person speaking English)

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Oct 10, 2012 12:51
My study/art project team (called ゼミ) is going to Hong Kong in two weeks. We will stay there for 10 days and work with the students at Hong Kong Design Institute on an art project. We are going to use chroma key, a special effect where a blue screen can be replaced with another image or video, to "reform" our body image.

I heard Hongkongers speak Cantonese and English, and I thought a lot of students here were more or less fine with English. But today, I found out that no one else in my team knew English well - to state it more accurate, they say they don't know English because English education in Japan teaches students for six years to fully lose their confidence and their motivation. :p

So I'm going to explain to my classmates what the professor at HKDI who's British is saying in English. I'm as nervous as I can ever be.

The assistant for my course said there would be a girl at HKDI who's fluent in Japanese. We can speak in Japanese and she will interpret it into Cantonese. Luckily I'm not the only one who has to interpret. ^^ It is a big relief.

I hope my classmates will understand English better than I think.

My current idea of the average English level of Japanese students (which may very well depend on their schools):

although a lot of people are not confident enough to continue what they're saying.
Aw god, so funny XD it's like watching me in the past and realizing what I was saying then :p