I love you Chinese people! 中国人へ愛をこめて(^_^)

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Sep 29, 2012 23:53 China
(English & 日本語)  Sorry for not knowing Mandarin, but this is for Chinese people.

Dear Chinese people,

I know it sounds rather strange to say that out loud, since we are having a serious dispute over Diaoyu/Senkaku Islands, but I think it's the right time to do it.

Today is the 40th anniversary of China-Japan trade relationship! :D
Now China is our biggest trade partner.

Things are going rough lately, but I know China has been the greatest influence when we were forming our country and culture. We learned nearly everything from China. Look at our language. We use Chinese characters. :)

I feel terrible that Japan raped the hell out of China and Korea in the history. Political leaders don't want to apologize because they don't feel the need to, and don't want to compensate for anything.

All I can say about our territorial conflict now is that we see "Senkakus are ours" every freaking hour on TV, and we are terrified of, and angry at the violent acts in China, even though it's us that set a fire on this (and probably will make things even worse from now).

Every Chinese person I know is smart, good at their business or study, and more active than the average Japanese. So please understand my feelings for you guys, and let us unite and appreciate our friendship and brotherhood.

I have more than 30 Chinese friends on Lang-8. I always feel happy when they tell me they are influenced by Japanese culture or want to be successful with Japanese skills, because I appreciate your 4000 years of history, beautiful art, great passion, and delicious and diverse food. (*´∀`*)


Please comment if you like to, but I'll delete it if you start arguments. Thanks.



今日は、日中国交正常化の40周年記念日です! ヾ(=^▽^=)ノ





私はLang-8に中国人のフレンドが30人以上います。彼らが日本の文化に影響されたとか、日本語を使って成功したいという話を聞くたびに、嬉しくなります。私は、中国の4000年の歴史も、素晴らしい美術も、強いパッションも、美味しくて多様な食べ物も、大好きです。 (*´∀`*)