Perks of knowing another language

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Aug 13, 2017 16:03
The other day I read on the news that a Google employee had written and shared a "sexist" memo and got fired because of it. I only knew it in the Japanese media, so I searched for the original document took a look.

It was... milder than I thought.

I was actually surprised that he mentioned that even though there are differences and tendencies between men and women, there's a huge overlap and we can't say anything about the individual based on the average.

His argument is sometimes off -like when he said the difference comes from biological background if it is culturally universal. that's not how that works- but I understood that his idea itself was not the worst problem. It's the act (writing and sharing) that got him fired.

The media doesn't seem to have times for that. They love easy conclusion. Especially when things get translated, they often lack a lot of contexts.

The perks of knowing another language is that you can see the world and learn things without some filters someone else made for you. Sometimes a true fact is shocking, and sometimes it changes your opinion, but that's what I like most about learning a language.
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