Happiness/Death at work

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Jul 12, 2017 21:41
I learned that there is an interesting word in Danish: arbejdsglæde which means or "happiness at work." It was introduced in an English audiobook called "The Year of Living Danishly," and the way the author put it made me laugh awkwardly.

"From arbejd, the Danish for 'work,' and glæde, from the word for 'happiness,' it literally means 'happiness at work' - something that's crucial to living the good life for Scandinavians."
"By contrast, the Japanese have their own word that sums up their approach to work: karoshi, meaning, death from overwork."

...I really didn't think any Japanese facts would get shoved up in there. The author is English and the book is about Denmark lol
Yes, we are notorious for having working hours that are so long people get ill and die. We really have to change that or I'm sure we will get left behind other countries.

BUT! Language learners out there would find interesting that Japanese has words for pretty much every way people can die. 病死(death from disease,) 事故死(death from accident,) 溺死(death from drowning,) 焼死(death from burning,) 窒息死(death from choking,) 衰弱死(death from wasting away,) and so on. Karoshi is one of them.

Personally, I switched jobs last year because I'd come too close to karoshi, and now am working in a more comfortable environment. I hear people overseas switch companies more often, and I think we should too, so that we can stop dying from overwork and find happiness at work.