Titles and Expectations

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May 28, 2012 02:26
I just watched a video called "Religions and Babies" on TED. Since I believe that religions have nothing to do with how much the birthrates are, I wanted to hear some opposing opinions. However, the TED speaker said, in the last 1/3 of the presentation, that religions and birthrates have no relation to each other. D:

I was ready to be blown away, you know. I thought the title was very misleading. (^_^; )

I started working part time for a Japanese website on overseas dramas (mostly American). I edit news stories and pictures. So, I'm learning how to title news stories so they get more views.

Sometimes you should choose a dramatic title to interest the readers. Sometimes the content will not be what everyone would think it is. It'll surprise the readers. But in this case on TED, I didn't like the content because it was just about what I've always thought. It didn't meet my expectation.

Expectation is a difficult thing to deal with. Although you want some good expectations at least a little bit, higher expectations don't always lead better results. The more people want from you, the more chances they'll think you're not good enough.

I realized while I was shopping on Kakaku.com, that the less a product costs, the more people give 5 stars even in the quality section. They give stars because the product was better than they thought.

Let's get back to the titling topic. I think we should make titles that are interesting enough for people to take a look, yet not too interesting for them to expect something better or totally different.
So here's my current list for titling things based on the expectation point of view.
1. Get creative and select words that capture people's eyes.
2. Don't make it seem like the opposite.
3. The content should be as interesting as the title.

If you have something to add on this list, leave it in your comment. :) I would love to learn some good ways to title things!

Thanks for reading as always. My entries tend to get longer than I plan to write. Oh, by the way, I took the TOEIC today. I answered the right questions this time! :p I hope to get over 900~☆