I customized my keyboard layout

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Jan 27, 2012 21:59
I've always been wondering about the position of apostrophe on my keyboard.

My laptop uses the JIS keyboard layout. It looks like this.

Apostrophe is Shift plus 7.
Every time I say things like "don't" or "I'll," I'd have to move my right hand to press 7. I didn't like it.
I never had any problems before because I only typed Japanese, but now I text chat in English quite often. I should have the efficient keyboard layout for that. :D

So, I changed it with this:
I use a Mac by the way.
I don't know how many Japanese Mac users who want to change the keyboard layout will see this entry... probably none... but never mind, I'll put a link anyway.

What made me surprised the most was that I was so used to the JIS layout. I only changed the two keys next to L, but even that has been a little trouble for me.
I would type 'D instead of :D.

I will get used to it soon. もうちょっとで慣れるさ!

By the way, I use the Google IME for writing Japanese. I think most of you use the Microsoft IME, but I hear Google's is better for internet citizens. (I actually have no idea because I first used Mac's IME. Google's is much better than that.) :D It can convert people's names or movie titles into the correct kanji. ^^ It has a lot of kaomoji (emoticons) too! ヾ(=^▽^=)ノ

If you want to have 12,000 emoticons like I do, go download some 顔文字辞書.
My favorite is this: http://nadroom.dousetsu.com/download/download_kaomoji.html

じゃ、 ヾ(*´・∀・[.:゚+またね.: *:]