How To Place Chopstics

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May 20, 2017 13:44
I was browsing Reddit and found that there are people across the world who enjoy cooking Japanese food such as ramen and rice bowls. It makes me happy that they like our cuisine.

However, I noticed something that is very unfamiliar to my eyes. The chopsticks were put on the rim of the bowl and they were vertical instead of horizontal.
Or in other pictures, they were stuck in the food.

We usually place chopsticks horizontally, and they are never on the rim or in the bowl when the food is served because that is against the rules of etiquette. They are usually put on the chopstick rest on the table, or in many inexpensive restaurants like rice bowl/ramen restaurants, they are in the box on the table.

I wondered how the vertical placement happened.

A short google search has taught me that as far as I can find, Japanese are the only people who place chopsticks horizontally. Chinese, Korean, Thai, and Vietnam people place them vertically, and sometimes on the rim of a dish. There seems to be fewer rules.

The search was a little difficult because Asian people do not tend to include chopsticks in their pictures of food. I also found that Western people do not usually include their utensils in the picture either.

Maybe people who are not familiar with chopsticks really want to include them in their picture because they rarely use them, and don't know there are differences in the rules of chopstick placement among Asian cultures. Well, how could they know? I'm Japanese, born and bred, and still didn't know only we place them differently!

Oh, I forgot to use verbal quotation in my entry. I'll practice next time!