A Summary of a Short Story

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Mar 16, 2018 15:18
I'm going to write a summary of yet another short story by Japanese mystery writer Ranpo Edogawa.
It might become a little detailed one for a summary. Therefore I will divide it into a few parts and I'm not sure how many they will become now. It was written in 1925 and it has sexual contents a little that might be rated PG12, but I may or may not abbreviate those parts. And I will show the title of this at the last part because the title itself may be a spoiler somehow. The story goes like this:

Yoshiko is a famous novelist living in a western-style mansion with her husband who works for the foreign ministry. After having sent her husband to the office, Yoshiko enters her den to set to her work. She is now working on a new novel for a magazine's summer special issue. She used to scan letters from her fans before getting to work. Having read two letters and a postcard, there remains a thick envelop which looks to contain some manuscript. Sometimes fans send her their works, wanting her to evaluate them. "It must be another boring one," she thinks but takes the contents out of the envelope, thinking she could take a look at the title at any rate. The contents reveal itself as a manuscript, but there are neither a title nor a signature on the front page. The writing begins with "Dear madam," and so she wonders if it's a fan letter instead of some manuscript. Feeling odd, she reads several lines and begins to sense something strange and somehow horrible, but couldn't stop reading.

I will call it a day.
I think I made it more detailed than I intended and I will make the rest more succinct.
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