Even stupid can understand person's bad point.

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Jan 12, 2018 20:07
Even stupid can understand person's bad point.but stupid can't understand person's good point.

Old day.I was very good at finding person's bad point.We feels very good and strong myself when we talk trash talks.bad,it feel is wrong.
We are not strong.A really strong person is "Be able to finding person's good point"

I want to became it person.so I read many books and met many people.I noticed.If you want to become it.you have to get many good experience.and you must give it for other people.last time,you must carefully watching people.

Old day,I didn't write about person's good point more than ten.bad I could write about person's "bad" point more than thirty.Now,I can write good it mora than thirty.

Even nuts can understand person's bad point.
How many do you write person's good point?Please carefully watch other people.