Yuzu Flavored Chicken

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Apr 4, 2011 02:59
Please be very very strict when you correct my English. Thank you.

I cooked yuzu flavored chicken the other day. Yuzu is a kind of Asian orange. A few months ago, I made Yuzu tea, something like jam originally from Korea, I believe. When we make Yuzu tea, we boil yuzu skin and yuzu juice with some honey. I used Yuzu tea that I made last November to cook yuzu floavored chicken. I cut chicken into bite-size pieces, coat on both sides of them with potato starch, and then fried them. To make sauce, I just mixed some yuzu tea, soy sauce, sake, and sweet cooking rice wine, and put the sauce on the fried chicken.

Even my father who doesn't like chicken likes the yuzu flavored chicken.
They are yummy! :)