After we talked about one thing and another, and we had a dinner fr...

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May 13, 2017 18:26
After we talked about one thing and another, and we had a dinner from a nearby restaurant.
We went to a restaurant that we have been there once before and eaten Skiyaki.
Because she has said that the food there stirs memories of the ones her mom, who passed away long ago, used to cook for her.
When a little sweet peanut source was served, I felt it does not feel like it matches.
During dinner, I thought I would Shabu-Shabu restaurant which passes customers the task of boiling foods for themselves, if I open a restaurant.
By any measure, foods like Shabu-Shabu, by its nature, allows it to be a less intrusive, yet may leading to boost both restaurant owner and employees satisfaction.

We ate, and then we walked along the side of the Cheonggye stream from Gwanghwamun Square to DDP(Dongdaemun Design Plaza) in Seoul.
I realized yet again that if we did not have this stream park, it would really have been tough to success in attracting tourists.
It does not suits my taste exactly because I love natural beauty rather than decorated by someone, but I would also like to say it was not bad.

Along the way, we stopped at the cat sound and were able to find a cat on the steps.
While we were seeing the cat, at the top of the stair, one man wearing mountaineering clothes said to us "I guess the cat is hungry!"
I happened to have a Dumplings bread in my bag, so she asked me how about if we feed cat my bread.
Well, I heard the food we human eat is bad for the beasts?

But then, we no longer had a choice but to feed the cat, so I took out a bread.
이런저런 얘기를 하다 우린 근처의 가게로 들어갔어.
지난번에 스끼야끼를 먹었던 곳인데,
그 분께서는 돌아가신 어머니가 해주시던 음식이 생각난다고 해서 또 온 거거든.
많이는 달지 않은 땅콩 크림소스가 나와서 굉장히 특이하단 느낌을 받았어.
먹으면서 식당을 차린다면, 재료를 내놓으면 손님이 알아서 하는 샤부샤부를 해야겠다는 생각을 했어.
몇 번이고 생각해 봐도 손이 덜 가니까 가게 주인도 일하는 사람도 모두 좋을 수 있겠더라.

식사 후엔 운동 삼아 광화문에서 동대문까지 청계천을 따라 걸었어.
새삼스럽게도 서울에 이런 거라도 없었으면 어쩔 뻔 했을까 하는 생각이 들었어.
인공적으로 꾸며진 것 보다는 자연스러운 미를 좋아하기 때문에 내 취향에 꼭 들어맞지는 않지만 그래도 뭐 나쁘진 않았다고 봐.

가다가 고양이가 우는 소리에 멈춰 섰는데, 계단에 고양이가 한 마리가 있는 것을 발견할 수 있었다.
쳐다보고 있으니까, 계단 위편에서 어떤 등산복 차림의 아저씨가 "고양이가 배가 고픈가 봐요."라고 말했어.
때마침 나에겐 만두 빵이 가방에 하나 있었는데, 그분은 나에게 주는 게 어떻겠느냐고 물었어.
사람이 먹는 음식을 동물이 먹으면 안 좋다던데?
하지만 달리 선택의 여지가 없었으니 가방에서 빵을 꺼냈어.