Mom, I Feel Like I Become More Competent Day By Day.

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Nov 9, 2017 11:38
Mom, I Feel Like I Become More Competent Day By Day.
There, in the vegetable garden, was a winter melon lying on the ground and beyond it an eggplant clinging to the branches of the tree.
Under the eaves of the cottage, mother swallow gave its baby a quiz.
"Hey, babe, what do you think is the difference between a winter melon and an eggplant? Just go into the garden and see what's the difference!"
Then the baby swallow flew out of its nest and made a quick check of them. As it came back to its nest, it chirped to its mom gaily.
"Mom, the ash gourd is big while the aubergine is not."

The blustery wind of a rainstorm snatched away his books entirely as well.
The wind didn't stop there though. His boat was jarred and fell on the TV, and broke a panel of glass on it.
His lunch bag was flipped over, and the food was poured out of it, and scattered everywhere.
Just then, huge numbers of swallows flew in, riding the wind and landed in front of the king.
It was the first time he had ever seen such copious swallows in one place.
"Your Highness, can we take your order? We're eager to help."
The king felt embarrassed and replied, "Just give me some of your time!"
一次比一次有进(進)步≠엄마! 전 하루하루 더 유능해지는 느낌이 들어요.
菜园(園)里(裡),冬瓜躺在地上,茄子挂(掛)在枝上。≠채소밭에선 동아(冬瓜)가 바닥에 뉘여 있었고, 그 너머에는 가지가 나뭇가지에 걸려있었다.
屋檐下,燕子妈(媽)妈(媽)对(對)小燕子说(說):≠작은 시골집 오두막 밑에서 엄마 제비는 새끼에게 퀴즈를 하나 던졌다.
"你到菜园(園)去,看看冬瓜和茄子有什么(麼)不一样(樣)?"≠"아가야, 넌 동아랑 가지가 어떻게 다르다고 생각하니? 지금 밭에 가서 뭐가 다른지 좀 보고 와 봐!"
小燕子去了,回来(來)说(說):≠그러자 새끼 제비는 둥지에서 날아가서 그것들을 살폈고, 다시 둥지로 돌아오면서 엄마 제비에게 즐겁게 말했다.
"妈(媽)妈(媽),妈(媽)妈(媽),冬瓜大,茄子小!“≠"엄마, 동아는 크지만 가지는 작아요!"

本がとばされました。≠폭풍우 속 거친 바람은 그의 책들도 완전히 낚아채어 갔다.
ボートがテレビにぶつかって、ガラスがわれました。≠바람은 거기서 그치지 않았다. 보트가 흔들리더니 TV 위로 떨어져서는 전면부의 유리 패널을 부서뜨렸다.
おべんとうがひっくりかえって、中身が出てきました。≠도시락 가방은 뒤집혀서 음식이 쏟아져 나와 사방팔방 흩어졌다.
風にのって、つばめがやって来ました。≠바로 그때, 무지막지한 수의 제비 떼가 바람을 타고 날아와서는 왕 앞에 앉았다.
たくさんたくさんとんできました。≠왕은 한자리에서 그렇게 많은 제비를 본 것은 태어나서 처음이었다.
「王さま、出かけましょう。」≠"전하, 분부를 내려주시겠나이까? 전하를 돕고 싶사옵니다."
王さまは、あわてて、「ま、まってくれ。」≠왕은 당황하며 대답했다. "조금만 기다려 봐!"
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