After seeing a shingle around itself, the crow suddenly had its bra...

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Nov 8, 2017 13:16
After seeing a shingle around itself, the crow suddenly had its brainwave.
It started to stuff the bottle with the shingle, single by single.
The more the crow dropped it, the more the water level became high. Through the repetition of it, the crow could drink the water to quench its thirst in the end.

"I will also pick up my book and read!"
Everything was ready for the journey before the day was over.
The net was already crammed full of odds and ends.
There was a room with a pocket of air left in it for no more than the king.
About that time, it started to rain cats and dogs.
"Hey, prime minister! Bring my umbrella with you!"
The king unfurled his umbrella and tucked some of his stuff under it.
"Set a course!"
However, at the exact moment, a fierce blast of wind drove against the king.
It blew the king's umbrella off in a second.
乌(烏)鸦(鴉)看见(見)旁边(邊)有许(許)多小石子,想出办(辦)法来(來)了。≠자기 주위의 조약돌들을 본 까마귀는 문득 아이디어를 하나 떠올렸다.
乌(烏)鸦(鴉)把小石子一个(個)一个(個)地放进(進)瓶子里(裡)。≠까마귀는 그 돌들을 하나둘 병에 채워 넣기 시작했다.
瓶子里(裡)的水渐(漸)渐(漸)升高,乌(烏)鸦(鴉)就喝着(著)水了。≠녀석이 조약돌을 떨어뜨릴수록 물의 수위는 높아졌고, 그걸 반복함으로 까마귀는 녀석의 갈증을 풀어줄 그 물을 끝내 마실 수 있었다.

本ももっていくよ。≠"책도 가져가서 읽어야지!"
王さまは、すっかりしたくをしました。≠날이 가기 전에 여행을 위한 모든 준비가 마쳐졌다.
ハンモックは、もういっぱいです。≠그물은 이미 온갖 잡것들로 한가득이었다.
王さまのすわるところが、やっと空いているだけでした。≠그물엔 왕이 들어가 겨우 숨 쉴만한 공간뿐이었다.
ところが、そのとき、雨がふってきました。≠그때쯤 비가 억수같이 오기 시작했다.
「おうい、大臣、かさをもってこい。」≠"여봐라, 대신! 나의 우산을 좀 가져오겠느냐."
王さまは、かさをさしました。≠왕은 우산을 펼쳐 짐들 중 일부를 우산 밑으로 밀어 넣었다.
「さあ、出かけるぞ。」≠"항로를 정해라!"
ところが、そのとき、風がふいてきました。≠때마침 한바탕 거센 바람이 맹렬히 왕을 향해 불어왔다.
あっという間に、かさがふきとばされました。≠바람은 왕의 우산을 순식간에 날려 버렸다.