I discovered a girl who confessed (her love) to me finished her lif...

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Apr 20, 2017 13:04
I discovered a girl who confessed (her love) to me finished her life (by committing s******e).

Alright, I would say a 22years old female university student.
I could not talk to about my innermost feelings to anyone, so let me write down this site. I am sorry for talking to you friendly.

When we first met, I was a high school sophomore. My other class friend had told me, "Someone was transferred in my class and she is a brisk and very friendly!" and she was the one. My friend and she got on like a house on fire and then same for me as well[she became closer with me as well]

After a year, we became a classmate. Due to competitive university system of South Korea, All of us without exception were forced to study harder, so does she. We have been attached at the hip all day while we went to the same library. She wanted go to the same university which I wish to go. At first, it seemed to pie in the sky because of her grades. I tried my best but she worked really hard that she got bloody noses everyday.

After all, we applied for the irregular selection (of the same university) and were accepted. It was very nice to be able to go to university with my close friend at that time.

At the return of the year we were allowed to drink legally and I drank with my friends including her on New Year’s Day. In our adjacent seats, there were two girls who seemed to hit it off (with each other) as if they were lesbians. She regarded them with contempt bordering on abhor. I didn't care much at the time.

After we entered university, we were still together. There were many men since we were in the engineering college and she was so pretty that lots of men are chasing after her. However, she didn't date any of them but she said,

"all I need is you"
"Yeah, It'll be all right, you and I together“ I replied.

One day, someone who is a senior in my major (department) his love to me. He was nice and handsome by any standards, so I think he is the perfect son-in-law material. I said to her, "I guess it would be nice to date him, how do you feel about that?"

To be continued...

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