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Oct 22, 2018 22:25

Whenever the case of Rule of Law opens, it is believed Pakistani development programmes has no sound and reliable Rule of Law. The Pakistani authorities operate many projects in general form and it contains no proper polices. The governm does not originate an accountability instituitions for CPEC projects to maintain check and balance in the corridor. For example, Pakistan's imports have a considerable amount as compared to Pakistan's export which is small in number. In like manner, uncertainties among Pakistani national rise.

Similarly, uncertainties among Pakistani nation has been dominating due to other cause of challenges. In Baluchistan, Baloch Liberation Army is utilized like a tissue paper to produce more and more uncertainties among Pakistani and Chinese nation by the foriegn fudings and lessong teaching. Some people argue that first phase projects of CPEC are still not completed and those had been lagging with time. On the other hand, it is disagreed with the people arguments that these projects were delayed due to some management restriction and were completed later.

Comparatively, Pakistan lack proper good governance and transparency in the four provinces' bureaucracy, institutions, departments, and Public-private sectors. This is the major challenge fin working of CPEC's projects. For example, Karachi has huge shortage of drinking water but the selling of thousands of water tanks to the citizens of Karachi by influenced mafias is common. Another example is needed that in Thal, the desert area of Sindh, the dying of many childern, men and women is very sorrowful, and provincial and federal governments did not scrutinize the condition.