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Oct 11, 2011 22:25
It was cool day today but we got used to the weather and felt comfort.

I belatedly knew Steve Jobs' speach of Stanford Univ, which was introduced by a Lang8er.

That he said 'connecting dots' encouraged all engineers include me.

It reminds me an old memory.

When I was a high school student, I wanted a personal computer but it was very expensive for a student.
So I bought a pocket computer called by 'PC-E500'.

Its graphic was only mono color, black or white.
It was very simple than nowadays PC but it was enough for me.
I could learn how to work computer with this machine.

In this age, OS wasn't popular, then it worked on a basic inter-pretor.
If you wanted your app faster, you should have use a machine language.
(It's still so now but the days choice was only two, basic or machine language.)

I also used the machine language.
It depends on the cpu.

What I learned was for SC62015.
If you know the days PC, you may know Z80,
But It was very minor because it was for pocket computar.
It had 8 bit processor and 1 Mbytes direct access to memory.
It made by Japanese company SHARP.

I learned many thing from this machine even though It didn't made my school score up.
And now I begun to engineer, its dots was connecting.