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Oct 14, 2018 14:15
For more than thirty years of active use, the SRNS(Serving Radio Network Subsystem) has proven to be reliable, high-precision positioning tools that provide global coverage. During this time, the scope of practical application of systems has significantly expanded. The radio interfaces put in place at the design stage have ceased to fully meet the requirements for positioning accuracy on the part of various classes of users. In this connection, programs are currently being implemented to modernize the existing GLONASS and GPS SRNS, the key goal of which is to improve the tactical and technical characteristics of these systems.
经过三十多年的论证,SRNS(服务无线网络子系统)已被证明是性能可靠,其精度较高的定位工具,可提覆盖全球。 在论证期间,系统的实际应用范围已大大扩展。 在设计阶段实施的无线电接口已经不再完全满足各类用户对定位精度的要求。 在这方面,目前正在实施各种方案,使得现有的GLONASS和GPS 进行SRNS现代化升级,其主要目标是改进这些系统的技术特性。