American and Japanese

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Aug 30, 2016 10:26
American and Japanese
The most ancestors of American came to America as colonists from many different countries abroad since about 1600. Such as from England, French, and so on and so forth. They lived in same place with regardless of the country. Sephardic Jews from Spain and Portugal found a home with the Dutch of New York. People from almost every country in Europe immigrated to New Jersey, Delaware, and Pennsylvania. () They sailed to America for each difference purposes for example to get some new lands, to get some new jobs, to get religious freedom, and someone came to America as slaves. It means they are many people having difference feelings, idea, and opinion. Because of this, argument and discussing their feelings each other is a really important way to tell and know the idea for American.
However most Japanese people like to understand each other without any language called “Kuuki-wo-yomu” in Japan. This culture developed about since 10 century, there was a samurai cultures, it was based without any talking even if the conversation partner is ally. It was a one of the way to keep secret from other enemy’s spy called Ninja. Basically Japan has only one race and there is a not big difference about feelings and opinions between Japanese. Because of this, they don’t need so many argument each other to tell their opinion till now.
The one of the American people who lives in Japan said that “Many Japanese people look doesn’t have any confidences. Because of that Japanese people should say their opinion and feelings more clearly and strong.” () As it says that there are many people who might don’t have some confidence for themselves and it is a one of the problems in Japan. However the another people said that “the Japanese people’s teamworks are great.” I think it is produced by Japanese original histories which is Japan is a one of the island countries. So cooperation each other is a really important to live still now. Like this story, there are many original cultures in Japan which makes many American surprised when they see and know about it.
At first when I went to school I needed to tell own opinion in own words clearly. I was surprised that because usually most Japanese students don’t need to talk their opinion and just listen to teacher’s lecture. It is a biggest difference between Japanese and American and it is not just for the education.