Would you make my sentences sound more natural?

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Dec 31, 2014 15:12
Would you make my sentences sound more natural? Thanks in advance!!

I really appreciate you, all of my friends on my facebook, for 2014!

Since I've got plenty of energy from your great success and messages,
I always could look for new B-grade dishes. I've gained 7 kilos...
For those who want to take a look at my pictures of food, I bet I keep eating. haha
Oh you know what, I've eaten 78 bowls of ramen in total this year. ( minus 12 compared to those in 2013)

thank you for your support in advance.
I hope that 2015 finds you happy and successful!


あ、ちなみに今年はラーメン78杯でした。(去年比 ー12)