29/03/12 - The World's Wildness Areas

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Mar 29, 2012 18:37
Q: Do the world’s wildness areas need to be better protected?
The Key Words I chose: biodiversity, population growth, Ecotourism
Since more and more society is high developed, the wildness areas are destroyed. That change makes wild animals become in danger, which is a big social issue nowadays. It is necessary for people for humans to preserve wildness areas in the world.

To lose biodiversity brings living animals some disadvantages. As long as food chain is retained, some species should not become in danger. It also effects on human diet. In the environment, biodiversity plays a big role in our lives.

Another threat to wildness areas is popular growth. As a result of increasing population, more and more developed areas need to be explored. Since that leads to loss of wild life, the government need to limit the number of people who move to those areas.

Finally, ecotourism can help protect wildness areas because of its income. Take some heritage sites in Japan. They try to show natural environment, culture and historical places while focusing on sustainability. Humans should make use of tourism.

Although it is very important to improve human’s life, to save uncivilized areas is in demand. People need to keep concerning about those places by considering their advantages.