10/09/11 - Overheard 5

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Sep 14, 2011 21:06
Here are some conversations posted in the newspaper which someone overheard.
I’ve add my comments as well.
How would you respond to them?

Girl on platform: "OMG, they have a vending machine on that train. Oh wait, it's a reflection."

Me: If I had been on the spot, I would have pushed her towards the track. :p

Son: "Mummy, are you half-married or whole-married?"

Me: Hahaha, so cute. I always wonder how children learn that kind of thing.
I would say, "I am married in Japan. I am bachelor in Sydney."

Girl 1: "Sometimes I wish I wasn't so smart so that people would just take me seriously."
Girl 2: "I understand, it's not your fault that you're so smart."

Me: I can understand, too. I used to say like that in Japanese. :p
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