28/7/11 - New & Old Friends

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Jul 31, 2011 17:21
Today, I had an orientation session for one subject.
I will talk about the subjects which I am going to take later.
I talked to three new students there.
One of them is from Japan and she used to be a teacher at a cram school.
Another is from Korean and she was my classmate at a college.
It was a nice reunion.
They seem to be excited with their new start.
I felt that I need to remember what state of mind I was in at first.

After that, I met Chinese friends from the school attached to my uni.
I really enjoyed meeting them in a long time.
They took me to an expensive Sichuan restaurant.
I really love their spicy food.
It cost $140 and they paid it for me.
In return, I shouted some beer, but it cost only $13. XD
When they come to Japan, I really need to treat them to a red carpet. haha
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