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May 16, 2019 17:49
One day, I asked my friend why not share your bad thoughts with me? She told me it's not useful though telling me about her situation. I couldn't change anything. At that time, I suddenly felt why we're friend, you still hide your heart in front of me? Am I really your good friend? I have doubts on it. However I didn't reply anything in this way. I know though some people encounter big issues, they won't tell the truth to their closed friends. They're afraid to be their burden. Or even they knew it but they can't help me. I think my friend is this kind of person. She's always responsible to get the bad results by herself all the time. She's independent person. Hence I wish her leading a good life in some day.
Affected by my friend, I have some thoughts about changing a work. I've been working here for more than five years. Recently I feel almost of time is available in my company whenever/ at any time. I begin to feel afraid that I'll be fired or be blamed by the boss. I feel pressured.
A few days ago, I began finding a job about Korean. However when I read the advertisements of recruitment, it shows the responsibilities of job duty and the employee's requirements on the website. I read much of them, mainly including Korean teacher and translation. It prefers we have a working-holiday's experience.
And at least get 4 or 5 grade in Korean Public Exam. I'm not interested in teaching. Most of kids are very naughty. I can't help blaming them if I were teacher. Hence I need to find a job of translation, but I met another problem. I didn't accept formal academic class. Which class I took just get acquaintance of the grammar of korean, not focus on translation at all.
How should I plan my future? I feel afraid and upset. How about you? Do you have any good ideas at this stage?