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Nov 9, 2010 10:29
I went to a karting club last weekend. 上周末我去了一家卡丁车俱乐部玩。

We arrived there at noon, but they told us we need to wait till 4pm. 我们中午到的,但是被告知要等到下午4点才轮到我们玩。

So first we had lunch at Pizza Hut. 所以我们先去必胜客吃了午饭。

Then we went to bowling to kill some time. 然后去打了局保龄球消磨时间。

I haven't played bowling sinch high school. I scored 72, quite awful but fun, ha~~ 我高中以后就没有打过保龄了,得了72分,太烂了,不过挺好玩,哈!

Then we had 3 rounds of karting each person. It was a bit scary, but exciting! My best round is 47.15 second. 然后我们去每个人开了3圈卡丁车。有点怕,但是很好玩。我的最高记录是一圈47.15秒。

The fun is for sure, but one thing I really don't like is the club is underground. 好玩归好玩,但是有一点我不喜欢,这个俱乐部是在地下的。

It smelt terrible and dirty. 空气太差,又很脏。

I guess next time if I go karting again, I'd better find some place over ground. 我想下次我要再去玩卡丁车,应该找个在地上的场地。
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