I went to a kid gymnastic room

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Jun 23, 2011 07:09
I went to a kid gymnastic room last weekend. I took my youngest daughter there. I can say not only that we often went there but also that I had written about it, hehe.
Once I visit the public space I am used to look at some mama bicycles with my daughter ( If I only look at such mama bicycle someone think that I may be a stranger, haha )
I found a green-colored Anjelino beside us. Ah this one is well used by its owner. (It is not to say that.) Ah, if that owner won’t use it I could try it,hehe. Sorry a weird whisper.

ここにくるとたくさんまま自転車もあるので、すこししたのこと一緒に観察 (ひとりだと変な人だと思われますよね はは)
すると、みどりのアンジェリーな、う~んいつも見るやつと同じ色だけどこれはちゃんと使われてる(あたりまえだ)あの緑使わないんなら使いますけど~ へんなぼやきですいません

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