I met an American friend and a Dutch couple at the Gion Matsuri Festival (An Extra Post)

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Jul 24, 2014 00:43

Here is the link to a post which tells about our meeting in Kyoto: http://mamabicycle.blogspot.jp/2014/07/i-met-american-friend-and-dutch-couple.html ,and I have copied and pasted some of the contents of the post. I would appreciate it if you would read and correct the post and the contents. Thank you in advance.

Caption: A mother stood at an iintersection to see our daughters and other children safely walk to an elementary school yesterday.

We ate tan-tan-noodle soup(ramen) which I recommended
We successfully met at Shijyou Karasuma. Then we walked around the streets as other people did. We talked about ourselves and the festival while walking. It just was a shame that there were no stands along every street which were located last week, during the first Gion Matsuri Festival.

Caption: Peter and Monique from the Netherlands were in front of Minami Kannon Yama on Shinmachi Street

Even though there were no stands which would sell food and drink a lot of peoplr walked along the streets while looking at the festival floats there.

Caption: Nate from Colorado made the second experience of the Gion Matsuri Festival

It was not easy to drink because of lacking of the street stands. So I specially searched for a bar and a shop which sold drinks. I heard that walking to drink was not allowed in the Netherlands. I was happy that I was born in Japan considering that. We then bought some drink to walk to drink, hehe.

We sat to drink at the specially set bar
I always sleep fast. However, we stayed outside until 11 P.M. We spent a happy time. I chose the last restaurant which seemed easygoing. See you next time. Hope that you will continue your wonderful trips in Japan.

Caption: We changed the restaurant to re-drink and eat something.