”kininaru" "kasawosasu"

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Feb 27, 2011 10:50
久しぶりに恒彦とスカイプをしました It has been a while to speak with 恒彦 on Skype.

最近のはなしをするまでもなく、結局いくつかの疑問で1時間半たちました One and half hours has passed just talking about some questions and we could not talk about even recent topics.

気になる"kininaru" と傘を差す"kasawosasu"で1時間くらいつかってしまった We spent most of the time to talk about "kininaru" and "kasawosasu"

"kininaru"わかります? What do you imagine from "kininaru"?

日本語ではよくつかいます We often use the word,"kininaru".

例 For example.

1.あの子がきになる 1. (I like/love her so) I am always thinking of her.

2.その言葉の意味が気になる 2. (I can't understand the meaning of the word for some reasons so) I am thinking of the meaning of the word.

3.おなかの調子が気になる 3. I feel bad of my stomac. I am anxious about my stomac.

辞書ではanxious about もそうですが3。でしょうね He said he found the meaning was "anxious about" in his dictionary. Yes, No3 is one of the meanings of "kininaru".


ふつうテイクアンブレラで習いますが We, Japanese, usually learn the word as "take an umbrella.

実際使うときは、日本語では”傘を差す”です Actually in use/ When we actually use our umbrellas against real rain, we say "kasawosasu"

気になった(2.)のは、傘を持って出ると傘を差すはどっちも英語ではtake an umbrellaかです "kininatta"(meaning No2) was that both to bring an umbrella for rain and to use an umbrella for real rain are the same expression "to take an umbrella" in natural English, right?

どっちでしょう? Is this right?

あと、傘とコーラの話もしましたが今日は時間切れです^^ We also talked about "umbrella" and "coca cola". But I have no time to introduce them here now.^^

I will jog and go outside with my daughters.

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