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Feb 27, 2011 10:49
河原町という繁華街通りを走っていると When I was jogging along with the Kawaramachi street which is usually crowded

ん!低木の同系色の自転車その向こうに同じような小型のママ自転車が I found a hiding bicycle beside the same color small tree and a small mama bicycle which was similar to the next one.

なんてことはないんですが何となく調和があるなと They were just bicycles but I felt a certain of harmony between the bicycles and the tree unintentionally.

ちなみにogkのリアチャイルドシートはどの自転車でもアタッチできるんだと思います By the way, the rear child seat made by OGK might be available to almost all bicycles.

外せば普通の自転車になるからお手軽ちゃお手軽一人っ子ならこれでもいいですね If you remove it from your bicycle you can ride your bicycle as a normal bicycle. So such a rear seat might be reasonable. You have only to buy for your child instead of buying a mama bicycle.