Go swimming

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Feb 24, 2011 08:32
あ~Lang工事中でしたね Ah, Lang-8 was under construction.

冬なのに水泳っ!ておもいますかね Do you feel strange that we went swimming in this winter season?

上のちびちゃんはスイミングが大好き My older daughter loves swimming.

たまに幾つかの室内プールに出かけます My older daughter and I sometimes go swimming to some swimming gym.

今回は自転車で片道三十分の市民室内プールに(※) The other day we went to a public swimming poor by my bicycle. It took half an hour to go there.

名前はヘルスピア21です The public gym is called Healthpia 21.

下のちびちゃんも怖がりつつもまたきたいとご満悦(※)My younger daughter was often afraid of water but she was so pleased that she said " I want to go there again."

ジャグジーもさることながらちゃんと風呂もあるからちょっと私も一瞬ですがリラックスしました There was a bubbled bath, which made us comfortable. Furthermore, a large bath also made me relaxed for a moment.

(※)口語ではこのように省略や体言止めもありです In such a unformal entry we can use such shorter/half-cut sentences or the sentence which would be ended by a noun, the way of 体言止め.
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