”address" と "go Dutch"

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Feb 23, 2011 19:14
”address" と "go Dutch"について聞きたいです
I want to ask you about both ”address" and "go Dutch"

次の”address"は日本語でなんと訳しますか。 ”address” だけでいいです
What meaning does "address" have in Japanese? Please tell me about "address" only.

“Are you going to address blinkie lights? Because I grew up in the Netherlands where every bike has a solid front light and solid red back light but around here everybody uses blinkie lights, which make me crazy when I’m out walking the dogs on the path.”

"go Dutch" はよく使いますか?
How often do you use the word,"go Dutch"?

I understand "go Dutch" means to share payments.
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