A practical large basket

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Feb 23, 2011 05:35
便利だろうなというママ自転車の話です I will write about kinda convenient mama bicycle.

買い物かごとして実用的なタイプです This mama bicycle has a practical large basket for shopping.

後ろ籠が脱着式です The rear large basket can be removable.

スーパーマーケットのレジもこれでいいからエコです You can use the basket when you go shopping in a super market so this basket will be helpful to an ecology.

オプションですのでだいたいのママ自転車で使えますが This removable basket is optional so most mama bicycles can be attached.

なんと、ノーリッシュ(サカイサイクル製)では後の荷籠は前のチャイルドシートと籠を入れ替えできます But, surprisingly, the rear basket can be convertible to a front basket which is used as a child seat in Nourish which is produced by Sakai cycle.

通常後ろ籠は前籠よりもおもい20Kgまでの荷物をのせるので Normally we use the rear seat for a heavier luggage which would be by twenty kilograms than we use the front basket.

こどもが15kgをこえて大きくなったら前のチャイルドシートを後ろにしておおきなその荷籠をまえにつけれるんです When a baby grow up over fifteen kilograms we can convert the front child seat to the rear large basket.

べんりそうでしょ^^ Don't you feel it would be convenient?

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