Yodobashi in Kyoto

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Feb 21, 2011 05:37
自転車で京都前のヨドバシにいきました 自転車の駐車場があります My family and I went to Yodobashi in Kyoto which is located near JR Kyoto station. There are a large bicycle parking lots inside.

ヨドバシは日本に来た人ならたぶん知ってる人もいるのではなかろうかというくらいになんでも揃っている家電がメインの総合的なデパートです Yodobashi is a famous and varieties of department store which mainly sell varieties of home appliances and handle so many kinds of goods that all most all visitors from abroad would become to attend there.

(←varieties of に自信が無いです I don't think "varieties of" are good expressions.)

まあミニ秋葉原です I think it is like a small Akihabara.

自転車の駐車場は車のパークと同じようにチケットパークですが1日百円なのでまあただみたいなもんで便利です We can use the parking lots as well as we would leave cars there or somewhere while using a coin/ticket parking, but it costs only 100yen a day so we can use the parking lots for bicycles for almost free.

家電製品は勿論お菓子売り場やレストランマッサージなどなどいろいろあるので1日いれます There are of course, not only many kinds of brand-new home appliances but also snacks, varieties of restaurants, massage room and more so we can enjoy shopping and eating all day long.

こどもはそれぞれにすきなものを見て触って楽しんでました Both of my daughters enjoyed walking around and touching their favorites there.

結局ledランプや細々したもの買って帰りました Finally, we went back to home after we bought a LED lamp and some of groceries.

京都駅から徒歩5分ですもし京都にくれば一度どうぞ Yodobashi is five walk minutes from JR Kyoto Station. If you come to Kyoto please drop there.