FMJ (Frequent Mistaken Japanese ) mini 2000th aniv

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Feb 20, 2011 08:55
すいません一応FMJかきたいとおもいます I will try FMJ as soon as possible.

ほんとは1週間でまとめたかったんですが To tell the truth, I want to think of them for a week.

1日でした(あらら)なんであまりうまくいきません I have only one day left (Aouch) So I will lose.

3000回目でリファインします I will make them refine when I will reach three thousands corrections.

Ah,I dare to explain them in English which would include weird words, hehe.

FMJ1.「すごいだ 語尾の”だ”」

"すごいだ、かっこいいだ” If you add だ at the end of your Japanese sentences you shall be poor/ weird. Why do you add "だ” I want to know why you do so^^. If you do so your image is that a big company's president would flow nose water. Please remove "だ”.

FMJ2. 「語尾の”よ”」 

If you add "よ” at the end of your sentences. It usually makes your Japanese sentences odd. Sorry, I can't find any good bad example. Anyway, you can say Japanese well without "よ” over ninety percentages.

あ~、すいません今日はギブです 思い出したらあとで付け足します。それともし知りたいジャンルの何かあればおしえてください じゃあジョギングしますんで
Ah,Sorry I will give up today. If I remember some MFJ I will write them additionally.m(_ _)m And if you have any categories which you want to know about please tell me. I am going to jog. Have a good day everyone.

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