Please correct my sentence kindly ” こんにちはイギリスのおかあさん”

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Feb 19, 2011 10:00
こんにちはイギリスのおかあさんおとうさん わたしはしゅういちです 日本からママ自転車を紹介しています こどもとの触(ふ)れ合いが好きな方、自転車が好きな方 ブログで日本のすてきなママ自転車を見ていただけると幸いです さて、きょうはあなたの国までのママ自転車1台の輸送費(ゆそうひ)をお伝えします 輸送費は比較的(ひかくてき)高いのですが、最近(さいきん)調べた結果エコノミーだとビックリするほどは高くないことがわかりました なのでお知らせします あと、イギリスのミニが日本でも有名です 日本でも昔から結構(けっこう)人気ですね ママ自転車と一緒に乗っている人も近所だけで結構いますね あわせて紹介します 夜の写真は去年の冬、東京銀座でとったスペシャルミニの展示です ではまた さよなら~

Hello ladies and gentleman with children in Great Britten ! My name is shuichi. I have been introducing cool Japanese bicycle, mama bicycle from Kyoto Japan. If you love to keep in touch with your children and you might be interested in bicycles on which you can seat your children please refer this blog, that will make me happy. Anyway, I will introduce some information about the shipping fare per a mama bicycle from Japan to the UK. The shipping fare is rather expensive. But recently I have searched the information and I have found that the fare would not make you be so frightened if you would select an economy fare. So I want to inform the information to you. By the way, even in Japan, the English famous bland, Mini is popular. People in Japan have been in favor with Mini. I often see my neighbors own Mini with their mama bicycles. So I will also upload such photos. Furthermore, the night photo was taken in Ginza Tokyo last winter, which was a special exivision of colorful Mini. Now, see you next time. Bye bye.^^