FMJ Preparations and small questions.

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Feb 18, 2011 16:58
すこし仕事の峠を越しました I have managed to climb the top place between job's mountains (←Do they make sense?^^, I want to say " I have not been too busy with my work now")

こんど2000回目の添削をしたら書こうとしているFMJ(Frequent Mistaken Japanese)の準備をしようとおもう
I am going to prepare "FMJ" which will be released/written when I come to correct 2000times entries.

たいしたものは出来ませんが I don't believe I would write brilliant "FMJ", but

まあここらでひとつ書いてみようと思います、ラングのみなさんのために I will try to write down something helpful to Japanese learners soon.

5つくらいかな Maybe five mistakes or something.

2000回超えて忘れてたらすいません Please forgive me of forgetting to write FMJ at the point of two thousands.

その場合そのうち書きます I will soon do it.

それとちょっと質問です Anyway, I have some questions.

教えてくれませんか Please check them or teach me corrected answers.

できれば書き方も If you can find any wrong expressions please about them.

1.1台あたりの送料について 郵便局による配送
船便 13750円 3ヶ月(※)
エア便 36,650円 5日間(※)
エア便(エコノミー) 26,550円 2週間(※)

(※)梱包代は除く、到着日時は目安です アメリカ、イギリス、オーストラリア、スペイン共通です

1.The shipping fare par one unit by Japan Postal Service
By Ship 13,750 yen : for about three months
By air 36.650 yen : for about five days
By air(economy) 26550 yen : for about two week
(※) They don't include packaging fares and estimated time is approximate. They are all the same fares among US, UK, AU and Spain.