It's 5.

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Aug 27, 2013 05:43
It's 5.A.M. Morning everyone. I am walking and writing this post. This walking is my warming up for jogging. It will take 15 minutes.

I would like to write about the middle day of my family summer vacation last week. My family and I stayed at Yodoyabashi in Osaka. We had dinner at Kani Doraku at Namba. Namba is the most Osakatic town. You can see the famous ads like Guriko along Doutonbori. There were a lot of people every street. Compared to Kyoto, Namba,s population is about ten times of Kawaramachi Kyoto.

It was the first time that I have had dinner at the famous crab restaurant, Kani Douraku. We could fully relax ourselves and feel excited when we ate many kinds is crab dishes. The most fortunate thing is my wife took a picture of my daughters and me. Two of her kissed me. I can replace my favorite my own picture on Lang8 for mine in three years, haha.

Next morning, I jogged along the most popular boulevards in Osaka. It was Midousuji Street. I began to run from Yodoyabashi to Doutonbori River where my family Dan I had dinner the previous night. The boulevard is very calm earli in the morning although it is crowded every time. I noticed that there were little parked bike along the sidewalk of the street. Generally, parking bikes there was and is prohibited, but there were many illegally parked bikes befor and it was a famous bad fact in Japan. I was a bit surprised.

Thank you for reading.

I will begin to jog. To be continued.