雨ニモマケズ 翻訳(後半);The left half

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Dec 31, 2010 07:34
I will repeat half the poem, Amenimomakezu written by Kenji Miyazawa in Japanese, then I will translate the half left. (Ah, about 玄米4合, you had corrected four rice balls. I don't know it would be right since 合 means 150 grams of natural rice. Anyway, let's get started.


The left half
野原ノ松ノ林ノ蔭ノ小サナ萱ブキノ小屋ニヰテ I live in a small house with Warabuki roof, where there are a forest of pine trees.
東ニ病気ノコドモアレバ行ッテ看病シテヤリ When a child suffered from a disease at the east I would go there and take care of the child.
西ニツカレタ母アレバ行ッテソノ稲ノ束ヲ負ヒ When my mom were to be tired at the west I would go there and carry her rice leafs.
南ニ死ニサウナ人アレバ行ッテコハガラナクテモイゝトイヒ When a person were to be almost die at the south I would go there and say to him you should not be nervuse.
北ニケンクワヤソショウガアレバツマラナイカラヤメロトイヒ When people argued or got angry with someone at the north I would go there and say to them you should stop it since it would not make sense.
ヒドリノトキハナミダヲナガシ When it never reined I would make my tear (from my eyes).
サムサノナツハオロオロアルキ When it were to be too cold in summer I would walk around without thinking of nothing.
ミンナニデクノボートヨバレ I would be called a dead man/ a man of non sense.
ホメラレモセズ I would never be honored.
クニモサレズ I would never be annoyed.
サウイフモノニワタシハナリタイ I want to be what I would be.
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