I am staying in Tokyo and my family also start being with me for 10...

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Mar 30, 2014 07:12
I am staying in Tokyo and my family also start being with me for 10 days. I went to the Tokyo sky tree yesterday and I may have something to speak about it. But I will write about a mama bicycle as usual Thanks.

Here is the link to the published post. http://mamabicycle.blogspot.jp/2014/03/a-20-inch-panasonic-mama-bicycle.html

I saw a white Panasonic mama bicycle parked along a near street from my apartment in Kyoto. It was a 20 inch Panasonic mama bicycle, without a child seat and had a front basket instead. It was an electric bike which would assist you to pedal. I test rode it before and I thought that it was really useful.

The mama bicycles made by Bridgestone, Yamaha and Panasonic are almost the same, both in their designs and their functions, so I always recommend you Anjelino, which is made by Bridgestone. This is because I have a good bike shop in Kyoto which carries Anjelino, and can specially pack Anjelino for international mail. Usually, few bike shops provide any type of mama bicycles to those who live outside of Japan. Even Bridgestone doesn't have the global strategy to sell Anjelino to the world.
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