続グランボア vol 2

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Nov 22, 2010 06:20
I write about the story in Grand Bois, the famous Randner bike shop and I will write my belief at the ending.

②About manufacturing of bike

He said that almost all bikes were made in Taipei. The manufacturing industry of bikes seemed to be the traditional industry in France or Italy long time ago, then Japan was the top manufacture of them, and now Taipei is the biggest industry of all over the world.

Anyway, the manufacture in Taipei can make a bike with one tenth cost. Furthermore, Chinese manufacture can make it with one tenth cost of Taipei. So no one can make a bike in Japan because of these competitors.

③ランドナーについて、ランドナーご存知でしょうか私ははじめて聞きました(すいません店主)、でもこれは30年ほど前にいちどはやったそうで、ロードバイクではないしマウンテンバイクでもない(もちろんママチャリではない) まさにツーリングバイクなのだそうです
③About Randner Have you heard of Randner? I had not until the day before yesterday.(I would feel it was a pity that I had never known it while I met the owner,Tuchiya) Anyway, once Randner had been popular about thirty years ago. It had been not the category of Race bike nor Mountain bike (Exactly not City bile like mama chari) Randner seems to be a real grand tuoring bike.

So you could not enjoy speed running on the road, trail riding at hard road and fun ride at town by Randner, you could purely enjoy riding itself and landscapes by Randner. I thought/was impressed what he meant to say about Randner was such that.

At last, me, I felt disappointed since bikes had been grown in each country in each way, so it might be unusual to use Japanese mama chari abroad all of sudden.

I might felt like announced you had a cancer when I was told by him ( I apologize the expression to some people but it was true)

でも、私の思いはちびチャンたちとの愛(あい)なんです わたしは彼女たちに支(ささ)えられて生きている気持ちがベースにあります 私のまま自転車への思いはやはり彼女たちとの愛なんです いつも仕事ではいっしょにいる時間が無いから移動の時間も話が出来る、車が無くても、お金がなくても簡単にどこでもこの子達が満足する場所にならすぐ行ける この気持ちしかないんだなと思いました

I think about mama bicycle for me again now.... I believe it is and have been and will the good tool of having good relationships between my daughters and me with love. Basically I live my life supported by their love. So I believe my thought to mama bicycle is my love to my daughters. I and we always are busy on business so we had little time to talk with my children but we can talk them while riding on bicycles without money for cars, and it can make us bring the place where our daughters are pleasure with easily without money. This thought might be the base.

So, I will continue this my action of mama bicycle for helping those who have the same feeling of me while I sit my little daughters on the bicycle.

読んでいただきありがとうございます もしあれば添削とコメントもおねがいします
Thank you for reading, your corrections and comments if any.

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